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Air Filters

Furnace Air Filter

Air Filters are designed to help remove the air particles in our homes, offices, factories, hospitals, and other facilities. Most air filters will trap in dirt, dust, pollen, mold and other bacteria while some are designed to help remove viruses and other dangerous elements. When choosing an air filter you have to determine what the filter will be removing so that you can choose the proper MERV rating air filter. The higher the MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) the higher the efficiency of the air filters. Here at Filter Ace we offer a variety of different size air filters from a number of top-selling AFF and Flanders manufacturers and with different MERV ratings. Choose one of our many available Air Filters now and start breathing cleaner and safer air!

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Please Note: AAF & Flanders now carry minimum order requirements.  More Details Click Here (Below Are standard size filters all other sizes are custom made)

8X30 12X18 14X30 18X18 22X22
10X10 12X20 15X20 18X20 24X24
10X16 12X24 15X25 18X24 24X30
10X20 12X25 15X30 18X25 25X25
10X24 12X30 16X16 18X30
10X25 14X14 16X20 20X20       
10X30 14X20 16X24 20X24  
12X12 14X24 16X25 20X25  
12X16 14X25 16X30 20X30  
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