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3-Step IAQ Kit For Coils and Pans

3-Step IAQ Kit For Coils and Pans
Price: $48.31
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3-Step Program For Solving IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Problems

  1. Clean - Triple "D" 1 quart (32oz) Degreaser * Detergent * Deodorant. Clean the evaporator coil and condensate pan with Triple "D" a USDA authorized non-foaming alkaline coil cleaner. Cleaning dirt from the coil and pan not only improves equipment efficiency, but also removes an important source of contamination that can create slime and sludge in the drain pan and cause pan overflow.

  2. Disinfect - SANI C-N-D 1 quart (32oz) Coil and Drain Pan Disinfectant. Disinfect and deodorize the evaporator coil and drain pan with SANI C-N-D, an EPA registered biocide, fungicide, viricide and mildewstat. The broad spectrum biocide in SANI C-N-D assures control of many air-borne pathogens that can be spread via contaminated air handling equipment.

  3. Maintain - Condensate Pan Treatment. Place FLOW PLUS in the condensate pan (choose size according to equipment tonnage) Is a totally soluble long term polymer treatment that keeps the drain pan and condensate lines clean for a minimum of three months. This prevents pan overflow problems.

  • This Kit can be used for units from 1/2 ton to 5 Ton

  • For use for professionals only

  • Includes

    • 1 Quart Triple "D"

    • 1 Quart SANI S-N-D

    • 1 Pack of FLOW PLUS - Can be stacked for prolong use or broken smaller for small units.

    • 1 3step Brochure

    • 1 Spray Head

    • 3 MSDS Sheets

A perfect combination to solve many contamination problems.

Always read all directions on the bottles fully and carefully.


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