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Corrosion Block Spray Can 12oz.

Corrosion Block Spray Can 12oz. CB-12
Price: $13.75
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Corrosion Block is a state-of-the-art, anti-corrosion/lubricant compound that has been specifically designed for almost every corrosion use. It is a clean, clear, ultra-thin fluid compound which leaves a non-greasy atmospheric barrier to protect metals. Because it leaves no gummy residue to trap moisture, lint, or dirt, Corrosion Block is perfect for protecting electrical systems, electronics, fishing tackle, and other gear.

Key Benefits:
  • Entirely nonconductive - can be applied to any circuit without fear
  • Safe to rubbers and plastics - won't melt your o-rings and gaskets
  • Long protection life - lasts from 6 months to 1 year, depending on application
  • Preventative maintenance - protect your equipment now before it's permanently damaged

Includes spray attachment

Outstanding protection for electronic and mechanical equipment and components for Aircraft, Marine and General Industry. Corrosion Block stops existing corrosion and protects.

"Its a single can replacement for a number of products"


A SIMPLE EXPLANATION: Corrosion simply stated is a natural phenomenon which destroys most metals by either a chemical or electrochemical reaction. The metal is converted, usually with the help of an electrolyte, into a stable metallic compound such as an oxide, hydroxide, or sulphate. The rate at which metals corrode depends greatly on the environment they are exposed to, and the amount of preventive maintenance they receive. Metals that are exposed to marine atmospheres, moisture, tropical temperatures, and industrial chemical atmospheres have the highest rate of corrosion. The tendency of metals to corrode creates a serious problem causing loss of value, safety and functionality in our investments.    More>>


Corrosion Block has superior features:

1. It is a superior anti-corrosion compound.

    • It kills existing corrosion in progress.

    • It prevents new corrosion cells from forming for 12-18 months.

2. It is an excellent penetrant.

3. It is an excellent light lubricant.

4. It is non conductive and excellent for protecting electronics.

Corrosion cells act as miniature batteries, feeding the transfer of ions as long as oxygen-providing moisture is present. If you remove the water from a battery it cannot function. Likewise, If you remove the moisture from the corrosion cell, the corrosion process will stop.

Most Anti Corrosion products on the market trap moisture in and cause corrosion as the film which is often wax based sets hard. This would be fine for brand new absolutely moisture free metal but otherwise will promote corrosion.

HOW IT WORKS: Corrosion Block anti-corrosion compound is a state-of-the-art material developed  for  marine and industrial applications..

Corrosion Block has active ingredients that will kill existing corrosion cells on contact and prevent new corrosion cells from forming.

Corrosion Block uses polar bonding to attach its molecules to metals, (either ferrous or non ferrous) and its inhibitors provide a film less than .0004 of an inch thick that is totally hydrophobic and will not conduct electricity (dielectric to 40kva).

The film will not dry leaving sticky residue as it contains no solids and because Corrosion Block contains no solids such as Teflon, Tar, Silicone or Animal fats, when used on electronics and micro switches etc. electrical contact is made “completely” right thru the film of product. Corrosion Block will help reduce electrical arcing.

Corrosion Block is simply sprayed or wiped on to any surface that requires protection.

Once subjected to atmosphere and the environment the active ingredient will provide outstanding protection from corrosion for up to 18 months. Internal surfaces for up to 18 months.  Exterior surfaces will require additional treatments depending on the amount of abrasion the surface receives

Because Corrosion Block has molecules that are elongated rather than round and the + Positive and – Negative poles are at the extremes, they repel each other somewhat like rectangular magnets repel each other. Therefore corrosion block “creeps”, it has amazing Capillary action, the product will “creep” into micro cracks and crevasses to protect against corrosion where it counts.

Because Corrosion Block has such “extreme” molecular capillary action it has also earned the reputation of being the “worlds Best” penetrant for seized nuts, bolts and screws etc. Corrosion Block is also an amazing lubricant.

Corrosion Block is Safe; it is non toxic and non flammable, also the propellent used in our aerosol products is non flammable. Corrosion Block is used world wide to protect electrical and mechanical equipment in “safety first” situations such as Mining,
Power Generating Stations, Fuel Depots, Gas and Petroleum refineries and more. Corrosion Block is approved for use within food manufacturing.

Corrosion Block’s advanced technology formula provides this millennium’s most versatile product. Corrosion Block is used in every application imaginable around the world today.

From the electrical connections of the space shuttle’s launch pad to garden and Christmas lighting, from Outboard motors and marine vessels to bicycles and motor vehicles, lawn maintenance equipment to tradesman’s electrical tools Corrosion Block works and “will” protect your investments.

Customer Reviews
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1. on 12/17/2016, said:
Man, this has to be one of the best products sold today
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2. on 12/6/2012, said:
Saved a bunch of tools and eletronics. This stuff is great. I bought a case and gave cans to all my family affected by sandy. All great results
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