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Wagner 3/4 HP Condensor Fan Motor 48Y - 208-230Volt

Wagner 3/4 HP Condensor Fan Motor 48Y - 208-230Volt
Price: $200.89
Replacement Condensor Fan Motor <><>
DiversiTech announces the introduction of Wagner motors, a line of replacement fractional horsepower electric motors for the HVAC/R industry. The product offering includes fractional horsepower motors for use as replacements in outdoor condensing units. Wagner's product offering is targeted to single-phase residential applications. Replacement electric motors for 208-230 volt condensing units. Wagner motors are manufactured to meet the needs of the installing contractor and distributor.
Key features include:
  • Simple, easy-to-read installation and safety instructions
  • Clear, concise, colorful packaging designed to protect the motors from damage due to shipping and handling
  • Motors built with the finest materials and which have been tested and certified to meet or exceed quality levels of the industry leading brands
  • Installs with all standard 48 frame mounting brackets
  • Standard shaft length, diameter, and flats
  • Drain holes with plugs in both end plates
  • Automatic thermal overload protector
  • Uses standard 370V capacitors
  • Standard motor casing size
  • Low power consumption
  • 60 C° ambient design
  • Electrically reversible
  • Continuous air over / Class B insulation
  • Speed: 1075/1   -  Quiet operation  -  Extended studs
  • 30" leads -  60 Hz.

    Motor Information Below - This motor must use a 5 UF 370 Capacitor

    Model No. HP Voltage Speed 370V Cap. (A) Dimension AMPS WEIGHT BEARINGS
    WG840731 3/4 208-230 1075 10 6-3/4 4.5 21.38 Sleeve



    WG840731 03731 - - - FSE1056S D929 1868

    Easy to read packaging, removes confusion about motors.

    A unique Styrofoam cradle inside the motor carton, supports and protects the motor, shaft and mounting bolts during shipment.

    The electrical reversing plug simplifies rotation direction changes

    The motor carton has been designed with an innovative handle to make the motor much easier to carry.

    Clear capacitor size on carton


    Informative product label contains the motor number in large type.

    An extra large wiring diagram is supplied on the motor itself, the motor carton and on the safety sheet

    Wagner provides a complete manufactures cross-reference on the side of every motor carton.

    Extended mounting blots. With the longer bolts the installer is able to more easily start the threaded mounting nut.

    Motor to be purchased and installed by a service professional

    Wagner motors are manufactured at an ISO 9000 approved factory. This factory contains the most modern motor winding machinery, assembly and test equipment. Workers are carefully screened for desired technical skills and acumen required to perform quality work everyday.

    DiversiTech's engineering team have thoroughly tested and pushed the limits of motor performance to a level that exceeds performance expected in the HVAC/R market. We have implemented a stringent series of acceptable quality level (AQL) test procedures at our factory. Every motor undergoes a variety of evaluation steps before it is allowed to leave the assembly line. Additionally, there is another set of procedures that evaluate finished goods prior to shipment.

    Follow-up testing is conducted at Wagner's state of the art motor testing facility near Atlanta. At this facility we can subject motors to conditions far more severe than they would realize in normal application. Wagner's testing has yielded literally millions of data points that have been compared to current industry accepted products and norms. Additionally, Wagner motors have undergone the stringent evaluation and review at Underwriter's Laboratory where they have earned the privilege of the UL recognized mark.

    Wagner motors are warranted by the full support and backing of DiversiTech Corporation.

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