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Choosing the Right Water Gardening Pump

Spring has finally come and it is time to do some work around the house, plant some flowers, create a pond you’ve always wanted, or even install a water fountain in front of your home. While water features for your home are soothing and create a tranquil atmosphere, they require some maintenance and great water filters. If you are thinking about making a pond, whether it’s with a waterfall of not, you need to know a few things before running off and ordering all of the material. Some things you need to consider before getting water gardening pumps include:

    •    How many gallons of water will you use for the pond?
    •    What is the dynamic head pressure?
    •    How many fishes are you going to have?
    •    What is the voltage you will need for the pond?
All of these questions can be answered with a little math and planning. By knowing the exact answers to these questions you will be able to get the right water garden pump, use the proper filter and make sure that your pond is circulating water properly and that the fish have a healthy and clean environment to thrive in.

In order to calculate the amount of gallons that your pond will have you have to:

Length x Width x Depth x 7.5= Gallons amount for your pond

This works only if you have a square or rectangular pond. For round or oval ponds you need to:

3.14 x Radius x Radius x 7.5= Gallons amount for your pond

If it’s been a while since you learned about radius and diameter, let me refresh your mind.

Radius is half of the diameter. The diameter is the line/length of inside the circle, from one side to the next. So if your diameter of the circle horizontally is 10 feet, the radius would be 5 feet. If the diameter vertically is 18 feet, then the radius would be 9 feet.

So your math would be: 3.14x5x9x7.5=1059.75 gallons.

By knowing the approximate amount of gallons in your pond you will be able to find the right pond pumps. All pumps have a description of how many gallons of water they are for, how often they need to be replaced and so on. By getting the right pump the first time, you will have less headaches of having to replace them.
The kind of pond you have is also important and will determine the pump size. Will your pond be plant based or fish based? If your pond will be mostly for plant life you will need less flow and circulations opposed to if you have a pond merely for fish, you will need a great filtration system and more water circulation.

When it comes to pond pumps and voltage, you might be surprised when your new electric bill comes. Your pond pump needs to run all the time in order to circulate the water and provide the fish and plants with a clean and proper environment. If you want to save on your electric bill and still enjoy a wonderful and relaxing pond, make sure to purchase pumps with the least amount of wattage. Another thing to consider is that external pumps use less energy to run than submersed pond pumps. Beckett has some great external and submersible pumps that are affordable, will last and provide great flow to your pond.

These are just some great things to consider when purchasing a pond pump. By taking your time to do some research and math you will be able to get the perfect pump and create a beautiful long-lasting pond.