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GeneralAire Humidifiers

GeneralAire Humidifiers

It is advisable to use humidifiers every season. In the summer, hot sun and air drying using air conditioning favors the occurrence causing allergens. In winter, heat sources in combination with poor ventilation, have the same effect on air, making it hard to breathe. We must use humidifiers to protect our health first.

We need GeneralAire Humidifiers if we want the rooms where we spend our time, be it of your own home or office in which we operate daily, to have an adequate air (of good quality). Doctors recommend the use of humidifiers to ensure an optimal degree of humidity between 45 and 55%.

Factors affecting the air humidification and against which we can fight using humidifiers are: heat / cold, how the house is insulated, the location of the house, ventilation is that possibility.
Humidifiers work best in closed rooms in order to maintain a constant level of humidity. Course, is indicated as 2 times a day to make room ventilation naturally, preferably morning and evening, even if the moisture level will drop, it will return to the optimum level after closing windows or doors for ventilation.

The first people affected by dry air are children, whose respiratory system is very sensitive. Maintaining humidity especially in the baby's room, but also in the rest rooms, we make breathing easier and helps us to live in a healthy environment. With a humidifier certainly have no problems breathing through the night and that avoid infections and colds.

Unlike other sources that you can use to no avail, such as wet clothes, steam or poor ventilation, humidifier system has a very fine cold vapor that lead to the formation of mold or mildew. Properly positioned and adjusted according to the size of the room, it will provide an air of superior quality.

What to Expect from GeneralAire Humidifiers

Some humidifiers are composed and sensors indicating humidity of the room, so you know exactly how long it takes or what device to use steam intensity is advisable to select. These types of humidifiers help us observe the instructions given by the doctor or moisture in the air to adapt according to our needs. Most humidifiers, however, are not equipped with sensors, but for accuracy and reliability, it is recommended to use a system or an adjacent indoor weather station. GeneralAire humidifers are best for this purpose.

Depending on manufacturing technology, humidifiers are divided into four categories: Steam humidifiers (water is brought to a boil in a pot and hot steam results are released into the atmosphere in the room), humidifiers wheel spin (is composed of a rotating disc and throw water to a speaker, the speaker turns water into tiny droplets that float in the air in the room. the drops will be seen as a cold steam coming out of the unit), Ultrasonic Humidifiers (such humidifier is composed of a metal diaphragm vibrating at a certain frequency. it is quiet and produces a cold steam), Evaporation humidifier forces (system uses a "fuse" paper, cloth or foam to remove water from the tank unit. the higher the humidity in the air, the harder the water evaporates from the filter, and vice versa. based on this principle, namely adjusts itself: as the humidity increases, the production of water vapor decreases and vice versa).

Different GeneralAire Humidifier Models

GeneralAire have been in the business for over 10 years, so you can trust them for quality products. Among the best humidifiers they retail we can find:

GeneralAire 1099LHS Humidifier
GeneralAire Elite 570M Bypass Humidifier
GeneralAire Elite Duct Steam
GeneralAire Elite Duct Steam 5530-DS50

These are all built according to the latest technology and will provide you with the qualitative humidification results that you need.
GeneralAire 1099LHS HumidifierGeneralAire Elite Duct SteamGeneralAire Elite Duct Steam

 	 GeneralAire Elite 1000 Automatic Power HumidifierGeneralAire Elite 900A Bypass HumidifierGeneralAire Legacy Series 19.2 GPD Flow